Satisfied customers are our calling card

Jarmo Multanenm, housing manager

In the picture, property manager Jarmo Multanen shows a model of how the lid of an Enercet waste compactor can be opened with a foot pedal.

“In the spring of 2020, we acquired 20 of Enercet’s yellow, 660-liter plastic collection bins with a press and foot pedal opening.

The customer feedback we have received has been positive.

We are currently mapping our customers’ press vessel needs for plastic and mixed waste.
The foot-operated opening mechanism of the container makes it easier to use the container because both hands are free”.

Rainer Hakia, Chairman of the Board

“About a year ago we acquired a 660-litre foot pedal-operated plastic collection container with the Enercet press system. Before the compressor our plastic collection container was emptied once a week. Now the container is emptied every other week. The foot-operated opening mechanism of the container facilitates the use of the container as it allows both hands to befree. It is also more hygienic.

This also solved the space problem in the waste room.

We have since purchased a similar press container for energy waste”