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By more efficient collection & sorting.

Although waste prevention is priority number one, we should also do everything we can to get the waste material back into a valuable raw material as the volume of waste continues to grow. We need new ways to sort, collect, store and recycle waste efficiently to support circular economy as the volume of waste continues to grow. 


Enercet waste compressors substantially increase waste bin usage efficiency, same time reducing transport traffic related to waste collection, as well as the required storage capacity. This saves: time, money and nature. 


Compressing rate: 45% - 70% depending on the waste type and user.

Compressors are designed for 240L, 360L and 660L waste bins. 

Kitchen compressor
Compressor mechanism
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It is everyone's responsibility to contribute to more efficient waste management and recycling. 

Waste management is a crucial industry for the wellness of societies. Despite its importance, the waste problem grows at an almost unstoppable rate. Among the reasons for this ongoing crisis are the increasing population, rapid urbanization, and changing consumption habits. effective waste collection is a vital first stage for efficient recycling. 

The sorting of waste is critical to increasing the amount of waste that is recycled, as well as quality of recycled materials. From individual household input to huge commercial waste loads, everyone has a role to play in effectively sorting waste.

Enercet's solution helps citizens to  contribute circular economy and society to achieve the challenging recycling targets.


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70% more efficiency by compressing plastic at source.

EU has adopted a European Plastics Strategy. It includes producer responsibility that concerns all companies that place packaged products on the EU market and have a turnover of 1M€ or more. This also concerns distance sales operators, e.g. foreign online companies who sell packaged products to users in EU.


Producer responsibility means that a company must by law take care of the collection and recycling of the packaging of its products as well as informing companies and consumers on packaging waste collection and sorting.

Enercet offers a simple solution for companies to tackle their plastic packaging collection challenges. Compressor  increases 70% of the bin usage capacity with plastic and saves money.

Avalable bin sizes: 240L, 360L, 660L.

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Optimised waste collection is the only way. 

Developing an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for waste collectionand transportation system remains a major challenge for municipalities.


Waste collection encompasses the largest part of the total budget in current waste management systems. 

Route optimisation model improves collection efficiency, saves collection costs and reduce emissions. Various test results across Europe show that route optimising improved the collection efficiency by 26.08% when the minimum filled-up level for collection was 70%. Moreover, 

optimisation achieved 44.44% cost savings and 17.60% carbon emission reduction at 70% filled level.

Enercet compressors increase waste bin usage by 50% for mixed waste and 70% for plastic. This significantly reduce pick up frequency that saves cost and C02.

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