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Contributing to healthy circular economy!

Businesses are required to act more sustainably. This includes implementing waste management and promoting the circular economy. 


Under the revised Waste Act, the obligation to separate waste collection has been extended from residential properties to waste-producing businesses. In particular, packaging materials, such as plastic, will have to be sorted in future if they accumulate more than a certain number of kilograms of waste.  However, the separate collection obligation is linked to the amount of waste generated per week. 


If a company generates more than 5 kg of packaging plastic waste per week, it must arrange separate collection from the property.


Companies often produce large quantities of one or a few types of plastic. These are much easier to recycle than mixed plastic packaging.  Clean, high quality plastic packaging waste can be an excellent recycled raw material.


The use of Enercet compactors means savings in waste management costs for companies. Enercet waste compactors increase the efficiency of waste container use by 50-70%, which means longer bin emptying intervals, which in turn has a direct impact on the waste management costs paid by businesses. 


Efficient waste management is also a sign of responsible behaviour. It is not worth paying to empty half empty bins.



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