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In the circular economy, effective waste collection is a vital first stage for efficient recycling. By separating waste correctly at the point of collection, the recycling process is more efficient and will increase the quality and quantities of recycled products. 

It also makes you clearly visualise the amount of separate waste types which hopefully leads to action for more efficient recycling and reduced consumption. 



Enercet compressor is designed for housing cooperations and individual households to increase collection efficiency and to reduce waste collection & transport cost for both the customer and waste management company.

This is achieved by compressing the separated waste at source to more compact form. This decreases the frequency of emptying the collection bins or, alternatively, reducing the size or number of collection bins. This often also solves the problem of space in waste facilities.


New EU directives on the separate collection of packaging materials and recycling waste will enter into force on 1.7.2023. Then the separate collection of plastics will be mandatory for residential properties with more than 5 apartments. 

Enercet compressor increases waste bin usage efficiency by 50- 70%, which means less pick ups, less payments less Co2 emissions.

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Pauliina Pirkola +358 40 153 8174

Ari Meuronen +358 400 287 240

Kasarmikatu 7 A 5, 50100 Mikkeli, Finland

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